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Londra 19 Iulie: Manifestatie Pro-Palestiniana si Anti-Israeliana

The Guardian:

Thousands of protesters gathered in London on Saturday to call for an end to Israeli military action in Gaza and "justice and freedom" for Palestine. Up to 15,000 people are expected to take part in the march, following a route from Downing Street to the Israeli embassy in Kensington.

Sarah Colborne, director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, said: "London has already shown its outrage at Israel's attacks on the mostly refugee population of Gaza, with people turning out in their thousands last week … Today's national demonstration will give people from across the country the chance to say enough is enough, Israel's siege of Gaza and its occupation of Palestinian land has to end now."

The Labour MP Diane Abbott was among the speakers to address protesters as they gathered in Whitehall. "I am here to show solidarity with the people in Gaza," she said. "We call for an end to the occupation and justice for Palestinians."

Pro-Palestine supporters carried placards with the messages "Gaza, stop the massacre" and "stop Israel's war crimes".

Saturday's march follows on from a demonstration on Friday at the Cabinet Office by a group calling itself London Palestine Action. The protesters expressed their opposition to Israel's military action in Gaza by locking themselves to railings, unfurling banners and demanding to speak to the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, or a Cabinet Office official.

They posted images on their Facebook page of demonstrators linking arms as they sat in the lobby of the Whitehall building at around 4.30pm.

Police officers were called to remove the group about 25 people, who were chanting anti-Israel slogans and carrying banners reading "Stop arming Israel". Metropolitan police said no one was arrested.

Leila White, an art history student at King's College, took part in the protest with fellow activists, in response to the Israeli ground offensive that began in Gaza on Thursday. She said: "By allowing arms exports to Israel to flourish, the UK government is providing material and political support for Israel's violent oppression and collective punishment of Palestinians, including the current massacre in Gaza. "Basically, we want the UK government to invoke an arms Embargo against Israel.''

The group, which has previously staged flashmob demonstrations in the capital, describes itself as "a network of people in London taking creative action against Israeli apartheid through BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions] and other effective, participatory Palestine solidarity work".

In a separate development, David Cameron and Barack Obama have spoken by phone to discuss the worsening situation in Gaza, according to Downing Street.

"Both leaders reiterated their support for Israel's right to take proportionate action to defend itself from the barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza", a No 10 spokeswoman said.

The two leaders also discussed Iran's nuclear programme and "agreed that we should keep up our efforts to negotiate a lasting agreement which gives the world confidence that the nuclear activities of Iran are exclusively for peaceful purposes".


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  • Iynne, thank you for  Valerie   2015-08-13 - 08:53

    Iynne, thank you for your patient reply. I have my reerasch in place and probably you have yours. So let's look at each of them. It is also worth looking at the events all around the world when the state of israel was created. I have realized that there is no point debating on, to whom the land belongs, based on who were there first, or whether the country existed at that place before (in our case palestine). If you say that the palestine as a country never existed even until 1948, yes, that might be true, but that way even India as a country did not exist in totality until british india left it it was more like a bunch of states ruled by many kings). So what is the yard stick one has to consider when one has to decide one's claim on a land? Basic tenet is to respect the people living on that land at that moment, and if possible coexist. Now if one starts looking from the period of end the ottoman empire, the arab world consisted of many tribes, and there was never an united arab world. After the fall of the ottoman empire, the land which is supposed to be palestine's was under the control of British. Remember the arab world fought for their land to be free from the ottoman empire and this was aided by the british. Jews (atleast in majority) were never a part of this struggle! The arabs were expecting a fair deal after the war, but the british being the ruthless capitalists( their exploitation of almost the whole world is well known, especially india), agreed to the balfour declaration, which was signed due to the huge jewish lobby. So in essence israeli's have bought the land that they are in right now, without ever fighting for it. If you think that this is ok, then I have nothing more to say. Your first war of independence came way after you have irritated the arab world due to huge migration. The demographics are very evident. Look at the drastic drop in the muslim population and a drastic increase in the jewish population.Coming to some issues that you have raised, and posted in this blog humanitarian aid and ensuring that civilians are not hurt when bombed. I believe no person is evil by nature, it is the systematic lie propagated by the leaders that turn the population into tyrants (i also include hamas for their violence in this. And also israel. But remember that harm israel does is much higher). Obviously you have a lot reerasch and money going in to develop weapons of sophisticated control, and simultaneously allowing humanitarian aid organizations just on a pretext to convince people(israeli) that you care for human life. But the bottom line is, in war lives are lost and the scale in which israel operates, many lives are lost. You think people of nazi germany were born cruelly. Hell no! they were taken advantage of by their leader, with a systematic propaganda. Look at the number of war crimes US has committed and yet they have the largest humanitarian groups. Gone are the days of leaders like hitler or stalin, where crime was committed outright. Present day crimes are done in such a way, so as to make them appear like a norm. So do reerasch, not just isreal palestine issue, but a historical reerasch. You will come to know, that the british will easily outnumber the crimes of less than a decade of nazi germany crimes. And remember they gave the land to you. So reerasch on the balfour declaration thoroughly my friend, and if you haven't seen the movie lawrence of Arabia', please watch it.

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